Carolyn Farb: Supporting Students' Dreams

“I like to think that I connect people with their visions,” said Carolyn Farb, when asked about her approach to philanthropy.

Carolyn Farb In a continuation of this spirit, Farb donated $25,000 in support of the Undergraduate Student Instrument Project (USIP). This donation gave students the opportunity to travel to Alaska to study the aurora borealis and upper atmosphere using multiple payloads and hand-launched balloons. 

“I wanted to give the students the opportunity to follow their dreams and explore, just as our brave astronauts did when they first went to the moon,” Farb said. “I hope that these students continue their exploration to even greater heights in their education.”

Farb’s fundraising legacy started as a teen when she traveled to Las Vegas by train (with her mad money in her boots) to visit her grandfather, Jakie Freedman, founder of the Sands Hotel. 

“My grandfather brought all of these amazing entertainers together to raise funds for a children’s camp, and I was impressed by what he could accomplish,” Farb said. Inspired by her grandfather, she has been involved in more than 14 events across the UH campus from 1970 to date.

Undergraduate Student Instrument Project “I have been engaged with the University and many of the colleges on the campus for quite some time,” Farb said.

Farb has been connected to the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics since 1999, when she chaired the Quest for Excellence for NSM, raising more than $3 million for student scholarships and faculty professorships. For her remarkable achievement, she was recognized last year with NSM’s first Impact Award.

Farb believes that there is an adventurous spirit among those who are committed to NSM. She loved the late Dean John Bear and is impressed with its current leadership, Dean Dan Wells. 

“The enthusiasm and camaraderie of the UH NSM dean, faculty, and students is very inspiring and motivates my commitment. You feel as though you are making a difference in the lives of everyone. The College has always been on the cutting edge, and in today’s world, you have to test, dare, be brave, and persevere to accomplish goals.”