UH College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
September 2010
Geologist's Work Improves Odds of Finding Diamonds
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Gallbladder Cancer May Be Linked to Estrogens, Says UH Team
A very aggressive disease with a poor prognosis, gallbladder cancer may be connected to higher exposure to estrogens, according to a group of researchers at the University of Houston (UH). more
UH Geologists Find Parts of Northwest Houston Sinking Rapidly
UH Geologists Find Parts of Northwest Houston Sinking Rapidly
A large section of northwestern Harris County – particularly the Jersey Village area – is sinking rapidly, according to a University of Houston geologist who has analyzed GPS data measuring ground elevation in the Houston area. more

Youngsters Escape the Heat for Cool Science at UH
New Fellowship Dedicated To Memory of Popular Math Professor
A colorful and well-respected University of Houston mathematics professor, whose sudden death in 2008 stunned friends and colleagues, will be remembered with a new endowed fellowship benefitting math graduate students. more

Sequencing of First Frog Genome Sheds Light on Treating Disease
NSM Undergraduate Participating In Cutting-Edge Heart Research
Researching how heart cells develop is not typical summer fare for most college students, but biology senior John Harger spent his vacation toiling in a biochemistry lab on work that could one day repair damaged hearts. more