UH College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Spring 2014
UH Launches First Nanotech Company
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Researchers Create New Flexible, Transparent Conductor
University of Houston researchers have developed a new stretchable and transparent electrical conductor, bringing the potential for a fully foldable cell phone or a flat-screen television that can be folded and carried under your arm closer to reality. more
Timothy Cooper: NSF CAREER Award Recipient
Math Program Engages Third Ward and East End High School Students
The Cougars and Houston Area Math Program is making connections with high schools close to the University of Houston and offering students a fresh look at math and a first look at the college experience. more

Exchange Students Explore Arctic Geology of Svalbard, Norway
Joan and Herman Suit: President's Medallion Recipients
Herman and Joan Suit believe in the importance of education and scientific discovery; their careers and support of the University of Houston and the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) reflect that commitment. more

NSM and UH Energy Host Energy Symposium Series
Comprehensive Student Success Program in Biology
Two introductory biology classes have high rates of students dropping the course or making a D or F - General Biology for non-majors and Introductory Biology for science majors. Through a grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Department of Biology and Biochemistry is implementing various interventions for students at risk for failure. more

Atmospheric Sciences Part of NASA Air Quality Study
Researchers Develop Theory that May Lead to More Efficient Solar Cells
The model, developed by professors at the University of Houston and Université de Montréal, could lead to new solar cell materials made from improved blends of semiconducting polymers and fullerenes. more

Summer Bridge Eases Transition between High School and UH
Research Targets Detection of Phishing Emails and Opinion Spam
Phishing emails attack in-boxes on a daily basis. Rakesh Verma's research is using natural language processing techniques as a new way to detect them. more